What the fuck is this aestethic anyway?

Hi, i’m randomsfuff.
Not my real name though. Easy guess.

this blog meaning is to explain my work and nothing more.
“The Vapor Wave” is a vaporwave album that tries to redifine a genre that everybody thinks is dead or not art.

To understand this sentence, keep in mind these two things:
A) imho, Vaporwave can easly be identified as “Net Art“, or better yet “Postinternet“.
At its origin (all praise the almighty Chuck Person), vaporwave was an ambient music subgenre, born on some boards from the internet, done for free, which aim was to bring back a feeling of nostalgia; to portrait soundscapes that letteraly could vaporize memories, contained in looped samples of pop deviation from the 80s/90s/early 2000s. It was a criticism to capitalism and yuppies culture trough music and aesthetic (not that roman shit that now it’s so edgy).
So what the fuck it’s this aestetich anyway? Why are people fuckin it up just cause it looks somehow good?
Can we haz meaningfull vapor, plz?

B) Nowadays vaporwave it’s bullshit: artist/things like BAND ON THE RUG, Vektroid, Saint Pepsi, they’re all tryin to make money out of it: looping random things, makin’em “sound good”, no meaning at all.
Just aestethic for aestethic sake.
The only feel that that music brings it’s emptiness.
The basis of doin something for the other its to do it without thinkin of what you’re gettin back, just for some sort of human progress sake. Not to monetize.
Doin like those “artist” do just fucks up the capitalism part of the genre itself.

With “The Vapor Wave”, I’m tryin to get back to the root of the genre: each song as a meaning and its listen should be “read” as a starting point for a new, meaningful, vapor wave, and to inspire others as I’ve been inspired by who tried to do something with this genre.

So let me explain, track by track, my “work”:
keep in mind that this album it’s some sort of experiment and its bigger aim it’s to stimulate others to proceed in a direction that “says something” instead of the “lookin cool” direction that vaporwave it’s taking.
So every song should be “read” as a starting point, as an experiment. If possible, let yourself get inspired by it to produce something better that what you’re gonna hear.

A3 アイドル:
i’ve personally idolized A3 from Eccojams, how it sounds and how it feels, for me, should be considered the very basis of what vaporwave, to this days, should be.
what i’ve tried to do with this track is to mantain all the vaporwave’s stigma.

enjoy the 不要:

as an aspiring artist, beside the randomstuff alias, part of my reaserch in the art/musical field is how music can talk withouth words in it and how everybody should/could relate to this sentence.
so, in enjoy the unnecessary, the vocal samples are looped intentionally in a way that you cannot understand what’s he’s sayin.
plus, it’s funny to see how a slowed down enjoy the silence manages to create a mallsphere.

BB ユーロクラ ブ奇妙な:
eurodance, italodance… c’mon, we all miss ‘em! (:
beside the vapor feels a vaporized club bizarre creates, the use of samples in vaporwave should aim to bring back forgotten songs with feels that aren’t present in commercial edm nowadays. those same feels that did the trick in dance music during those days.

結晶化した & あるもの that I used:
this two songs share a similar meaning:
YouTube changed the way we experience music. things burn fast.
something that was so edgy last week could end in an oblivion two days later, so even recent music can feel old an nostalgic sometimes.

THE-[frost] 秋田:
to reach new vapor feels, experiment. i did something i don’t usually do for this song, I’ve worked mostly with reverse, and that’s not a canonical vapor stigma, but the result felt great to me. so to get more new feel, my advice, its always to experiment. work in alternetive way to get to the same point.

起こして to life & got complains 不満:
work those sample! bring the good music back! choose sample from forgotten song that should be listened to these days.
get the listener courious of the origin of the samples, so choose wisely.

here are all the links to the album/my work:
BandCamp (donate if you feel like doin it)

for any question: randomstuffkmake@gmail.com

i hope all of this can somehow inspire someone to produce something 🙂